Design Thinking

From what I’ve discovered so far, design thinking is a fairly new concept. I have been following the CEO of IDEO Tim Brown. He seems to have some good thoughts about design thinking, he also has a book called “Change by Design.” He says, to take what you know about the world and the choices you already have is one way to solve problems and come up with ideas, but to discover new ideas, be creative and innovative, you have to add new choices to the drawing board. Essentially, design thinking is the process to come up with solution to problems to improve everyday life, not just a solution to a certain problem. Design thinkers use empathy to look at who the audience is and how to make things more user friendly. Its different from scientific problem solving, where the focus is more on the problems. Instead, if we look at understanding who we are solving the problems for and coming up with a cost effective solution especially designed for the audience, then we have successfully found a solution that will serve for a longer period of time, more people and it will be easier to manage, cutting cost for future generations. Basically, putting oneself in the shoes of another to feel the environment first hand and designing a solution that would make things easier, faster, and inspiring is the most effective way of solving a problem.



I liked this one because of all the great information it has.

This website has a lot of interesting ways to think about PLEs.

This one gives a lot of examples for the use of PLEs.

After reading all the information about PLEs, I would have to say my PLE would be a quiet and serene place where I can enjoy complete solitude. A place that I can fill with self expression and all things interesting and useful to me. I can use my PLE to inspire art and find easy ways to research various things for work. It is an area I can call my own, where knowledge and inspirations flow in and innovation and creativity flows out into the world. While drawing, reading, researching and etc. I should find my PLE useful and relaxing.


I found this to be a tremendously helpful blog in understanding the meaning of PLEs and how to create one. She says to start out small and build because PLEs take time and management. I was very grateful to see that written because at first all of the information given in a four hour class can be very overwhelming.

Online Learning Insights

“Our understanding of learning has expanded at a rate that has far outpaced our conceptions of teaching. A growing appreciation for the porous boundaries between the classroom and life experience…has created not only promising changes but also disruptive moments in teaching.” EDUCAUSE Review, 2012


This quote from Disrupting Ourselves:The Problem of Learning in Higher Education (Bass, 2012), gives a good a reason as any for educators to develop a Personal learning Environment [PLE]; a space where we can keep up with the experimental modes of learning, instruction, changing pedagogy and instructional methods that surfaced in 2012. In a previous post I introduced the concept of PLEs and touched on why educators may want to consider developing a PLE for 2013. In this post I’ll outline how educators can develop their own PLE, where to start, and I’ll provide specific action steps, and what tools to use. First though, I’ll…

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Interesting Websites

First thing that popped out to me on Shaun Inman’s page is its animated look. It reminds of my old gaming days with Nintendo, very retro. I love the simple and colorful look of the webpage. Its easy to follow and fun to navigate through.

I like this webpage because of the color combination. From the background to the pictures for each article, the colors are well thought out to compliment each other. I love the authentic feel of the page. I also really enjoyed the information it includes and how easy it is to understand.

I like the way this page is set up. Its very windows mobile with the boxes for each article. Its easy to navigate through and it includes articles that were very interesting to me. This page has a lot of information about nature, architecture and of course technology and design, along with other fun things. I could be on this page for an entire day.