I liked this one because of all the great information it has.

This website has a lot of interesting ways to think about PLEs.

This one gives a lot of examples for the use of PLEs.

After reading all the information about PLEs, I would have to say my PLE would be a quiet and serene place where I can enjoy complete solitude. A place that I can fill with self expression and all things interesting and useful to me. I can use my PLE to inspire art and find easy ways to research various things for work. It is an area I can call my own, where knowledge and inspirations flow in and innovation and creativity flows out into the world. While drawing, reading, researching and etc. I should find my PLE useful and relaxing.


5 thoughts on “My PLE

  1. Great job on the post. it seems a lot of these PLE articles really like slide shows. if you are still looking to comment on other’s assignments, I know that Holly and Quintin are also done.

  2. I just realized I had two drafts and I posted the wrong one. The other one had more information. I think these are more examples but they contain a lot of information also. I reblogged a post that helped me out in really understanding PLNs. You should take a look at that. It’s really good.

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