Web 3.0




In the world of Web 1.0, people read websites from an information dump rarely ever being able to interact with them. If we look at how much we’ve upgraded from that system to Web 2.0, we can get a sense of where the transition to 3.0 may take us. It will be even more interactive than now. By creating programs that the computer can use to sort useful or good data for us instead of pulling up information like a google search, will save us time from having to sort it out ourselves to find the exact information that we are looking for. Algorithms to have the computer do some of our thinking will generate artificial intelligence, bringing forth the era of a more integrated physical and virtual world. We can already take the Internet everywhere with us through our phones, laptops, iPads and etc. Being able to use it in our everyday lives with a more seamless connection between our world and the virtual world is the core idea of Web 3.0. From reshaping the way we build websites, the focus will be more on how the user will be interacting with them. To an extreme, we may be moving towards a more virtual lifestyle, where we never take our eyes off of our computers but be able to walk down a street and enter a building to buy something or to go see someone for a visit or even an interview, all created by codes in the virtual world. Such a shopping mall already exists, created by Kinset. We are always on the verge of changing and we should be open to these new ideas and discoveries. It’s extremely exciting, however, we should also always analyze the pros and cons of every step we take towards our future.


One thought on “Web 3.0

  1. It is going to be a much more easily to live in this world. We can not lost in middle of the way by any time. (not just use this technology as a hand GPS but also on daily things like shopping and communicating).

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