Collective or Connective Intelligence

It is required for individuals to reach connective intelligence in order to produce collective intelligence. Movies and TV shows for example, are products of collective intelligence, but to make a hit movie or a successful TV series, individuals with different talents and skills have to come together. Individual ideas and thoughts meshed into a collective/collaborative effort, lets everyone involved in the project to be a part of something bigger and still get credit for the end product as a whole. As Gestalt psychology states “the whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” makes perfect sense when thinking about connective and collective intelligence. Paint, engine, steering wheel, may all be important components of a vehicle but the car as a a whole holds a greater meaning to us than its parts. An individual may be intelligent enough to produce good work but someone who brings the right parts together and fits them in like puzzle pieces, except with skills, produces great work. In the web industry, it is absolutely crucial to be able to network and find the right pieces. There’s is literally a world of possibilities out there and no one can harness that kind of power individually. When people are brought together, one persons idea can inspire another. There is kind of a healthy competition, like gears of a clock working together to propel something forward, whether it is an idea, a project, or solution to some devastating economic problem. Because of the World Wide Web we can now more than ever, heighten our individual skills and intelligence. We are now able to come together in a collaborative effort to produce collective intelligence, in order to achieve societal as well as individual advancements. I almost feel dutiful to utilize such a tool as the Web.


2 thoughts on “Collective or Connective Intelligence

  1. “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts,” sums up this topic perfectly. I like your notion that people inspire one another when working in a group. It can be like a chain reaction of good ideas building upon one another into something that no single member could have produced on their own.

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