I used to watch Star Trek with my dad as a little girl and marvel at the impossibilities of the technology they were using. It was literally thought of as other worldly, a fantasy. Almost everything that was thought of as science fiction back then are now the norm. We’ve transitioned from rotaries to brick size cell phones to iPhones in a relatively short period of time. We are already so attached to all of our devices that if I were to lose or forget my iPhone at home, I’d feel lost and completely cut off from the world. The next sensible step for our generation is to figure out a way to integrate the devices to ourselves in such a way that we can be physically attached to them. The buzz on the market right now is the iWatch by Apple. We will see people talking into there arms instead of cell phones as they command siri to call, navigate or connect in other ways. Nanotechnology can help us in many ways, from everyday life to various uses in the medical field, such as the wearable devices used by heart patients to monitor and detect any abnormalities and send alerts accordingly. These devices can also assist people during exercise, keeping record of the time, heart rate and calories burned. It will soon be fashionable for people to wear head gears that can lay out a map right in front of us showing direction with arrows navigating us to our destination. A 360 scan of our surrounding with such a device can warn us or advise us to merge safely while driving. The possibilities are literally endless for the ways we can utilize wearable technology. When thinking about how far we can go with wearables, its not totally crazy to imagine a future with cyborgs inhabiting the earth. From the days of Star Trek to actually seeing touchscreen diminish the use of buttons it can be concluded that, if we can imagine it, it is absolutely possible to create it. The craziest ideas such as the third link I chose that talks about the Nokia Morph can actually be reality some day.


3 thoughts on “Wearables

  1. It’s looks crazy now that technology are gowning to that imagined world. And it is good and bad. Good: it going to make our life be easily living. Bad: they still some merchants that may break oneday.

  2. I like that you noted your own personal connection to current technology. I too feel completely disconnected from the world if I leave my iPhone behind somewhere, and dont even get me started about what it feels like to break my phone or drop it in water. It’s as if my connection to everything is suddenly gone, and I feel helpless, alone, and like retreating to a corner to cry in the fetal position. But seriously, as technology progresses and becomes a larger and larger part of our individual lives, the more we “can’t live without it.” This feeling of connection with our electronics is only going to get worse as the technology that powers them progresses exponentially into the future. Good or bad thing?

    • Good and bad. Nothing is absolutely perfect, just like any other system built by humans who are not perfect. We all like to be connected and in the know. People generally dont like the feeling of confusion so I totally understand wanting to “cry in the fetal position,” lol. I think we will just keep going with the flow of building, fixing, changing, always discovering and re-discovering our own world. As for breaking or dropping your phone in water, maybe we will get better and better at building more indestructible devices and technology. I wonder if that will be good or bad.

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