Mobile web

The Internet has become a part of our everyday lives. We use the World Wide Web for so many little things that it would be a considerable challenge for any of us to get through one day without using the Internet. It wouldn’t make any sense for the Internet to be tied to one place, for us to have to run to the one place every time we need to use use it for the littlest things. I believe that is why the mobile web has gotten so popular and it will keep getting more and more popular. Every type of business out there has a website. Every one of those websites will need to have a mobile version. People will visit a web page more if it is easily accessible. Cell phones are easy to carry, we use it everyday for many things. From personal experience, I can say that I love it when I am able to access a site on my cell phone or my tablet.
I think it is absolutely essential for web designers to be aware of the affects of mobile web and its increasing popularity.


One thought on “Mobile web

  1. To your point, It’s definitley getting more popular. In my research I learned that experts are predicting that by 2015, there will be one smart phone for every one person on the planet. That makes Apple happy.

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